Maji Rios and Friends

Maji Rios is a just the woman you want on your team:

  • A street-smart New Yorker, daughter of refugees from violence in Iran and Chile.
  • A martial artist who kicks ass; but only when she has to, and with reasonable force.
  • A linguist with 8 languages and the ability to blend in across borders.

After 9/11, the Army asked her to join its covert ops counter-terrorism unit, one of the few women to work with the historically all-male teams of elite operators.

The Maji Rios novels begin when she comes home for the first time, transitioning from active duty to life in the Reserves.

In the first novel coming out, Strictly Need to Know, Maji’s friend and ex-teammate Angelo Benedetti call on her to help him to take down the organized crime rings funding international terrorism, from inside his own Family. Not the summer vacation she had in mind; but when Angelo calls in a favor, it’s an offer you can’t refuse.

While the novel is pending, check out some short stories narrated from the first-person view of other characters in the Maji Rios world.