Fun Facts and Quirks:

  • I grew up in Delaware (First State; Diamond State; Small Wonder).
  • I picked Anthropology as my first college major. Seemed like a field with lots of opportunity for de-constructing and re-constructing all kinds of ‘truths’ about humans.
  • As a Q-Patroller/Guardian Angel, my street name was Justice. My wife good-naturedly put up with patrollers calling her “Mrs. Justice.”
  • Being picky about certain foods is my only defense against total overindulgence. First, only dark chocolate is worth it. Then it really should be fair trade (no child labor, please). See? Really narrows down the supply. And yet there is still so much in the house . . .
  • Once in a while, I pretend to be the kind of person who gets up early and goes for a run. And I wish I was better at pretending.
  • I own a BoB. For the first 6 months I hit a BoB at an MMA gym, I thought the owners just didn’t like some Bob they knew (they named all six boxing dummies after him). Body Object Bag? Ohhh.
  • My legal career as an actual, licensed attorney was quite brief. But earning the J.D. gave me skills and cred that became useful in all sorts of unexpected applications.
  • Cooking is very relaxing, so long as by ‘cooking’ you mean chopping and other prep done while enjoying music or good conversation. “Come early and help” is my favorite kind of dinner party/other meal with friends invite.
  • Neither my electric motorbike nor my gas-powered Piaggio MP3 was as cool as Maji’s Zero DS; but I still felt like a badass in gloves, jacket and full-face helmet. And I still wear the riding boots.