Maji Rios is a just the woman you want on your team:

  • A street-smart New Yorker, daughter of refugees from violence in Iran and Chile.
  • A martial artist who kicks ass; but only when she has to, and with reasonable force.
  • A linguist with 8 languages and the ability to blend in across borders.

After 9/11, the Army asked her to join its covert ops counter-terrorism unit, one of the few women to work with the historically all-male teams of elite operators. We meet Maji when she returns home to New York for the first time after several years of being anyone the Army needs her to be.

In the first novel, Strictly Need to Know, Maji’s friend and ex-teammate Angelo Benedetti calls on her to help him to take down the organized crime rings funding international terrorism, from inside his own mafia Family. Not the summer vacation she had in mind; but when Angelo calls in a favor, it’s an offer you can’t refuse.

In the second novel, Running Off Radar, Maji attempts to take a vacation in Sitka, Alaska. But work intrudes when she’s tasked to help a SEAL team stop a Russian mobster from harvesting gold off the bottom of Sitka Sound.

The third novel, Double Down, is a prequel. Between recovering from her injuries sustained on a mission in Fallujah and returning home to New York, Maji stops over on the island of Mallorca. There she acts as body double for Spanish pop star Erlea, protecting her from paparazzi, Basque separatists, and whoever is really behind the attempts on Erlea’s life.

#4 may take a while. Here’s a snack to hold you over:

Dating when you can’t tell a soul that you’re a covert operator for the US Army? Not so hard when you can try it out a hundred miles from Fort Bragg.

Dating the Colonel’s estranged daughter, by mistake? Either the best accident, or a disastrous set-up.

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