The Trencadis tales begin in 1850, on the island of Majorca.

In this alternate history, Majorca is the political hub of the Confederacion Mediterraneo, where everyone is thon (a contraction of “this one” or “that one,” used by egalitarian communities in the actual 1850’s).

Welcome to genderqueer, multi-cultural steampunk!

What disturbs a young truthreader more than an evil-avenging kraken in the Mediterranean?

The British imperialists that it’s hunting.

An epistolary short story available from all digital retailers

Finding Rilla waiting on the docks at Alcudia Harbor brings back so many memories to Coreopsis, from the joy and innocent play as children to the awkwardness of unrequited crushes and a mortifying kiss in adolescence. Now a naval cadet with shore leave, Core finds Rilla still makes thon’s heart leap with delight and trepidation. Can eight days together mend the old misunderstandings and overcome the current obstacles their two very different worlds put between them? Short story available from all digital retailers

Revolution is always best plotted over tea.

Honoree Durand, Envoy to the embargoed Great Britain, needs Core’s talents as a truth reader for a most delicate diplomatic matter. Success could benefit Britain’s down-trodden: workers, Travelers, women.
Step one: convince Core. 

Short story available from all digital retailers