Crime Fiction Crossword Challenge

Jae, a publishing powerhouse in the world of F/F romance, has created a new promotion for indie authors with lesbian or other WLW (women-loving-women) protagonists. After 2019’s book bingo, 2020 brings a series of crossword puzzles!

All of the clues come from specific novels (pro tip: most can be guessed by reading a free excerpt online). Playing is free; and prizes are ebooks donated by the participating authors.

I am delighted that the first three Maji Rios thrillers will appear over the course of the year. And crossword #3, out today, spotlights mystery, thriller, and crime fiction, including Strictly Need to Know. Maji is in great company with the likes of Cheryl Head’s Charlie Mack, Ann McMan’s Evan Reed, and Meredith Doench’s Luce Hansen.
Play #3 now, and watch for Running Off Radar and Double Down to appear as you play the ongoing series of puzzles throughout the year!