Double Down Prequel Promotions

If you met Maji in Strictly Need to Know and found the hints about a mission in Spain intriguing, now is your chance to find out who she saved, and how.

If you’ve not met Maji yet, Double Down is also a good intro. You can see her at work undercover before she comes home to New York.

Either way, all through this release month there will be promotions – tidbits to tempt you, Spain photos to whet your appetite, and 3 book giveaways (triple fun). To increase your odds of winning a free copy, here are the rules and questions in advance:
Each day I post a question on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook [@mbaustinauthor on all 3, links in my website footer] you can submit your answer (as a comment or reply) for a chance to win a copy of Double Down. Win on more than one day and you can pick another Maji novel as well.

Questions for giveaways 

Day 1 – Maji is a first generation American
1. What country is her mother from?
2. What country is her father from?
3. In what city did she grow up?

Day 2 – Maji is a covert operator in counter-terrorism
1. Who does she work for?
2. How many languages does she speak?
3. Name any of the martial arts or defense training she’s had

Day 3 – Every Maji adventure takes place in a new locale
1. Where is Strictly Need to Know set?
2. Where is Running Off Radar set?
3. Where is Double Down set?

You can enter one, two or three questions each day. Any correct answer earns you a chance to win! (Up to 3 per giveaway)