Dreaming the Happily Ever After

RIchard Compson Sater
RCS pauses for applause at mention of Rank’s imminent publication.

In his keynote address at the 2016 Gay Romance Northwest conference, Richard Compson Sater touched on a motivation that drives many writers to persevere through the process of completing their first novel. He described the experience so many of us share, of reading widely and still rarely finding himself on the page. Or worse – finding only representations that cast the characters he could relate to as “objects of pity or ridicule.”

Although stories with gay men improved over time, he was still frustrated in the search for “an actual romantic novel with no excess baggage, just two men conquering all for love, a book where the hero could be an average guy like me, and the other hero could be Sam Elliott, and we could live happily ever after.”

Richard’s first novel, Rank, currently on pre-sale for its official launch on November 1st, is the fortunate result of his dissatisfaction. Rank takes us on the rollercoaster ride of a First  Lieutenant (the lowest-ranked officer) in the US Air Force who falls in love with a General – his boss. I bought my ticket to ride based on the beautifully written excerpt, available on the publisher’s site. Already the characters are so real to me, despite my never having served in the military, that I am rooting for their happily ever after. And I can’t wait to find out how they get there.

To read Richard’s full keynote talk, visit his all-sorts page.