Launch Party! Running Off Radar

For the launch of Strictly Need to Know, set on Long Island with lots of Italians, we celebrated with antipasti, baked ziti, insalata, and tiramisu. And prosecco.
It was wonderful to gather with family and friends in the damp, dark of December in Seattle and thank everyone with a warm sit-down dinner for 60.

For  the launch of Running Off Radar, set in Sitka Alaska — salmon! (And — easier!)
July in Seattle means fresh, wild fish and clear skies to grill and party in the open air. And since the days are long and we can spill outdoors, as many people as want to can stop in and celebrate.

If you’re in the area and a friend, fan, or friend of… consider yourself invited: 

From 5 to 9pm on Sunday July 29 (drop in at any point, or stay the whole time)

No RSVP needed – we’ll provide wild Alaska salmon and other essentials;
You bring any side dish, beverage, or dessert you want to share.

You do not need to have read book 1 (Strictly Need to Know) to attend; and no purchase of either book is required/ expected of you. Just your enthusiasm!
[There will be prizes/ thank you gifts for people who have posted reviews of either book, or had their library stock it, or otherwise shared the joy. So please do tell me…]

If you have a copy of either paperback, I’ll be happy to sign it; and if you have an ebook, I’ll sign anything you bring!
Running Off Radar officially releases on July 17; and pre-ordered copies from Bold Strokes Books ship as early as July 1 (Amazon, B&N, and the rest carry it, too).
If you miss the boat, I will have some paper copies on hand ($15 cash/check).

Note: If you haven’t been to our place before, message (for FB friends) or email me (shown on Connect page) for driving/parking info.