Reading at SPL

Reading at the Seattle Public Library was fun, and scary – and fun. With a roomful of friends and supportive listeners, how could it not be at least a little fun?MB Austin reads at SPL

Almost all of us with winning entries to the Door to a Pink Universe contest read, including most of the honorable mention list. It was delightful and fascinating to hear the other selections – some scary, some funny, all quite different from one another and each excellent in its own right. I felt honored to be in such good company.

Speaking of which, I enjoyed getting to speak with Nisi Shawl briefly, and buy two of her books, the non-fiction Writing the Other and the short story collection Filter House. Now whenever I read her inscriptions, I will be reminded of what a lovely person she is, and appreciate the opportunity to learn from both her writing and generosity of spirit.

Another highlight was receiving a prize (surprise!) from one of the three sponsors of the contest (which were EMP, Norwescon, and Clarion West). In addition to its daunting (and I understand, life-changing) 6-week writer’s course, Clarion West holds a variety of one-day workshops in Seattle. And now I get to attend one!