Vegan Cheesecake

A muffin size vegan cheesecake next to a mug with the Bold Strokes Books logo

…and other delicious oxymorons.

Because I love my brain, I try to not eat wheat. Mostly that works out fine. Substitutes abound, and my first world problems rarely involve the choice to ingest gluten or go hungry.

It’s been a harder road to accept that dairy is not my friend, either. Finding an alternate that satisfies in terms of creaminess and richness as well as flavor takes some experimentation. Fortunately, nuts are my healthy diet allies.

A recent run-in with a nearly irresistible chocolate cheesecake sent me to the interwebs for shelter. And there I found a seven ingredient vegan cheesecake recipe. After accidentally doubling one ingredient, I had to save the batch by doubling everything else. Fortunately, they are quite yummy, and with two dozen I am less inclined to hoard them.

My only variation this time around (other than super-sizing the batch) was to use roasted, semi-salted almonds in the crust. Next time, I will do that plus a) add a bit of salt to the cake filling; b) add vanilla, too; and c) cut the sweetener by at least 1/3 [minimal sweet is ideal to me]. Oh, and I might just try adding cocoa powder…



2 thoughts on “Vegan Cheesecake”

  1. Hmmmm. Sounds delish! I want to try this. Another variation, maybe? I’m thinking about ginger in the crust and maybe a little marmalade in the creamy part of the “cheese”cake. Your idea of cocoa sounds great. Any maybe some nibs in the crust?

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